Welcome to my site and thanks for stopping by.

Here you will find files that I gathered throughout my professional dedication to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You will also see my selection of recommended books for the topics within each section and some books I found useful when I took my MBA. While organizing my archives to store them in the cloud I thought I might as well share them, so I put this site up. Almost everything is in English but you'll find some stuff in Spanish or other languages too.

There is a section linking to my blog, where I will post and reblog about technical or contextual aspects of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You can also access my professional Bio and some of the Projects I have been involved in recently.

There is no email address because of the spam but if you contact through the web form I'll get back to you.

I hope you like the site. Your opinion and contributions will be much appreciated.


Antonio Viader 

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