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Books: Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics
Title:      Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics
Categories:      Marketing
BookID:      33
Authors:      Stephan Sorger
ISBN-10(13):      9781481900300
Publisher:      CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date:      2013-01-31
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      498
Language:      English
Price:      44.95 USD
Rating:      0 
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Product Description

Marketing Analytics: Strategic Models and Metrics offers marketing students and professionals a practical guide to strategic decision models and marketing metrics. The tools described in the book will aid marketers in making intelligent decisions to drive revenue and results in their organizations.

The book contains a wealth of information on marketing analytics:

  • Almost 500 pages of text, covering a wide variety of decision models and metrics
  • Nearly 400 figures, including diagrams, tables, and charts
  • Step-by-step instructions on market segmentation, conjoint analysis, and other techniques
  • Current examples demonstrating how organizations are applying models and metrics

The list of chapters below includes a sample of the topics:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction - Introduction to marketing analytics
  • Chapter 2. Market Insight - Market sizing and trend analysis
  • Chapter 3. Market Segmentation - Segment identification, analysis, and strategy
  • Chapter 4. Competitive Analysis - Competitor identification, analysis, and strategy
  • Chapter 5. Business Strategy - Analytics-based strategy selection
  • Chapter 6. Business Operations - Forecasting, predictive analytics, and data mining
  • Chapter 7. Product and Service Analytics - Conjoint analysis and product/service metrics
  • Chapter 8. Price Analytics - Pricing techniques and assessment
  • Chapter 9. Distribution Analytics - Analytics-based channel evaluation and selection
  • Chapter 10. Promotion Analytics - Promotion budget estimation and allocation
  • Chapter 11. Sales Analytics - Metrics for sales, profitability, and support
  • Chapter 12. Analytics in Action - Pivot tables and data-driven presentations

Edition: First Edition, Version 1.1, introduced November 2013. Revision 1.1 incorporates minor corrections and edits. It retains the same layout as the original release (First Edition, Version 1.0). See for a complete record of all changes.

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